Frequently Asked Questions

The following are frequently asked questions about the project. If you have a question that is not answered below, please contact JUHSD Project Manager Tina Van Raaphorst at

JUHSD currently experiences a high faculty and staff turnover rate of over 20% per year. Furthermore, due to the State’s annual reimbursement structure to districts throughout California, JUHSD is unable to offer a fully competitive compensation package when compared to many of the adjoining school districts, placing an undue burden on JUHSD and in turn, the community it serves.

The Faculty and Staff Housing is Phase 1 of the Serramonte Del Rey neighborhood and will go a long way towards addressing this frequent turnover that prevents the faculty and staff from developing the collaborative relationships with their colleagues, students, and the broader community they serve. Additionally, further redevelopment of the site through long-term ground leases and/or joint venture agreements will contribute to a much-needed on-going and long-term revenue source for the school district, which will help attract and retain highly qualified employees by providing competitive salaries, and fund additional educational and enrichment programs and the services needed for the education of students.

The Serramonte Del Rey neighborhood will include many public amenities open to the residents onsite as well as from the surrounding community. These public amenities include a network of public parks and open spaces. Public parks and open spaces include a 1.0-acre park at the heart of the site (Central Green), a 1.1-acre stepped park at the crest of the site’s hillside overlooking Daly City and beyond (Overlook Park), and a trail loop around the site with integrated viewing areas and fitness opportunities.

Students in grades K-8 attend Jefferson Elementary School District at Daniel Webster Elementary School and Fernando Rivera Intermediate School. Students grades 9-12 are served by Jefferson Union High School District’s award-winning Westmoor High School.

The Serramonte Del Rey neighborhood includes approximately 10,000 to 14,000 square feet of neighborhood-serving retail with on-site customer parking, located at the site’s entrance off of Serramonte Boulevard. Examples of potential ground floor retail uses include a coffee/tea shop, flower shop, dry cleaning, ATM/credit union, deli and specialty restaurant, hairdresser/barber, and exercise program.

Pedestrian and bicycle facilities will be provided on all streets within the Serramonte Del Rey neighborhood. Bicycle facilities will include Class II buffered bike lanes along Campus Drive East and other streets will include Class III bike “sharrows” (bicycle markings on vehicle lanes indicating the lane is for shared use). Sidewalks will also be provided on every street with curbside landscaping. The trail loop will also serve as a means to provide pedestrian access around the site that is separated from vehicles and in a more natural setting.

Multi-level garage parking is proposed on every parcel, which provides parking for future residents and their guests. Additionally, on-street parallel parking will be provided on both sides of the street on Campus Drive West and Campus Drive East (either side of Parcel E).

Yes, the development of the proposed project is expected increase vehicular, bicycle, and pedestrian traffic on Serramonte Boulevard in the vicinity of the site. The proposed residential and supporting retail land uses will generate additional traffic over and above the current underperforming land uses to be replaced. In addition, the project will open up a north-south through route for traffic to pass through the site via an extension of Campus Drive from the south. While this route will be fairly low speed, it will likely serve some local north-south traffic that currently uses Callan Boulevard or St. Francis Boulevard. A detailed Traffic Impact Assessment is currently being prepared to assess these changes and how they will effect the local street network. Where impacts to these roadway facilities are identified, improvement measures will be developed and proposed.

Most buildings will range in building heights of 5 to 7 stories tall (55 to 75 feet). Buildings along Campus Drive East and Campus Drive West will have taller high rises ranging from 12 to 14 stories tall (122 to 145 feet). These high rises would be aligned with the narrow dimension in the east-west direction with wider building faces oriented towards the north and south directions, to capitalize on north and south views from the buildings and to minimize obstruction of views from uphill neighbors.  

The District’s proposal for Phases 2 and beyond of the Serramonte Del Rey neighborhood will provide up to 123 units of affordable rental housing, slightly exceeding the City of Daly City’s 10% below market rate rental housing requirement. Combined with the Faculty and Staff Housing (Phase 1) which delivers an additional 122 low- and moderate-income rental housing units, the overall affordable housing total is 20% of the project.

The existing demonstration garden will be removed as part of the residential construction. We will review alternative uses for the open space with the community—including the potential for a community garden.

Head Start has been a long-term tenant at Serramonte Del Rey. JUHSD is committed to working with Head Start to accommodate a long-term home on-site for the preschool. The site plan provides for Head Start’s program and integrates well into the overall plan (on Parcel D2). It is JUHSD’s understanding that Head Start will apply for federal funding to design and construct their new facility on-site. JUHSD is committed to supporting Head Start’s effort to fundraise and build their facility. To accommodate vehicle access and placement of utilities during future phases of and the site’s construction, Head Start may need to find a temporary location offsite. JUHSD is committed to providing as much advanced notice as possible to Head Start to ensure a smooth transition.

Although the phasing may change as the site is developed, the Master Plan currently anticipates three phases. Phase I includes Parcels A and B, which are to be built while the existing facilities remain. Phase II includes Parcels C and D. Phase III includes Parcels E and F.  Phases II and III will occur after the demolition of the existing school buildings.

September - November 2020

Community Engagement

November 2020

City Council Study Session

February 2021

Planning Submittal for Parcel B & Precise Plan

Notice of Preparation for Environmental Review

July - August 2021

Environmental Review Public Comment Period

January 2022

City Council Certification of Environmental Review Document

Planning Commission and City Council Approvals of Precise Plan

Planning Approval for Parcel B

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