Creating Treasured Open Spaces

Local parks and open spaces are the heart of a neighborhood. Treasured parks restore our well-being, connect us together and attract outdoor play for people of all ages. 

Parks and Open Space Plan
Parks and Open Space Plan

Neighborhood Parks & Plazas

The Master Plan has three neighborhood parks: Central Green, Overlook Park and Southpoint Park; and one plaza: Café Plaza. Trails for recreation and renewal weave around the perimeter of the Project.

Overlook Park & Community Garden activities include gardening, picnicking, a Tot Lot, and seating terrace, all surrounding the open lawn.

Overlook Park & Community Garden is a family park with filtered views of San Bruno Mountain with a direct connection to the Recreation Trail. 

Central Green is the heart of the neighborhood, an entire city block from end-to-end! Imagine this park as tree-lined oasis, an open meadow, and a wild woodland. Three different ways to connect to nature and friends outdoors. 


Café Plaza is the “urban” alternative to the outdoor experience offered by the landscaped recreational areas. The plaza provides a comfortable setting to “see and be seen.” 

Recreation Trail

Each parcel and every street has direct access to the wooded hillsides on the east and west sides of the site. This recreational path is available for use by all members of the community!